A Dedication To My Best friend Turned Lover

I was listening to Hello by Adele and I decided to write you a letter that I know will probably not get to you. I hope all is well with you. I still think about you from time to time. I’m glad that you have found someone who truly love and appreciate you in a way that makes you happy. I have no ill feelings towards you whatsoever. When you cut me out of your life, I felt hostility towards you. Looking back, it was selfish of me for not being happy that my best friend has found the happiness that she always wanted. I’m working day by day to get to the happiness level that you are on. I’m almost there. I can feel it! But I wish you the best in everything life has to offer you. You will always be my best friend turned lover….. Frozen in time.

This is a poem I wrote for you:

I wanna thank you for supporting me
befriending me
you were close to me

I wanna thank you for the memories made
All the late night convos
and escapades
You remember those days

I wanna thank you for the arguments
All the times we vent
and the hours spent
and how much you meant

I wanna thank you for just being you
staying true
not acting new
yeah, you were you

I wanna thank you for trusting me
believing me
you grieved with me
achieved with me

I wanna thank you for Las Olas nights
the drunken nights
Forever young, right?

I wanna thank you for your laughter
the ever afters
the withstand of disasters

I wanna thank you for the love you gave
whenever you forgave
the times I misbehaved

I wanna thank you for the college days
when we compared our grades
C’s, B’s, and A’s

I wanna thank you for the deepvos
you know the convos
all night on the cell phone

I wanna thank you for your motivation
the inspiration
your dedication
my appreciation.

Best Wishes.