My View On “Love”

When I sit down and think about the meaning of love, there is really no absolute definition for it. Love is really hard to explain. It makes me anxious. I end up overthinking and over analyzing everything. I try to convince myself that it’s just a temporary feeling. I become depressed. It’s like a feeling I try to shake so I won’t get hurt. I speak about the situation constantly with my friends to see how they feel about it. I begin distancing myself from everyone including the person just to get my thoughts together. I think I’m afraid of love. I’m afraid of giving my all to someone and being left with nothing. I’m afraid of being vulnerable.

I’m quite sure a lot of men face these same issues, however they suppress it. They hide it with the societal image that men are supposed to be seen as “tough”. I’m not that type of man. I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve, regardless of societal views. By hiding your true emotions, you are only setting yourself up for more stress, anger, and unhappiness.

The moral of this post is to follow your heart. If you’re in love, let it be known. You never know what may happen until you take this risk.


  1. I know how it feels. Vulnerability is scary. But at the same time, you owe it to yourself and to the person who you would be with, to be the truest possible version of yourself you can be…Keep working on yourself and eventually things will work out naturally

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  2. I completely understand that. I struggled with feeling vulnerable again after my ugly divorce. My heart was broken and it took time to heal. I swore I would never date or get married again. So I focused on myself instead of obsessing with needs a SO. I spent time building up a network of friends (through MeetUp). I took up hobbies, found a job I enjoyed, and traveled.

    Once I was happy with the person I had become without a SO, Dan walked into my life completely unexpected. It wasn’t easy to be vulnerable. He too felt many of the things you do after his divorce. However, if you meet the right person who is gentle, kind, and understanding that’s the kind of relationship that will help you learn to love again and take a risk.

    If someone doesn’t give you what you need in the first couple months of a relationship walk away before investing too many emotions into it. Dating is not easy, but I found it was much easier when I loved myself. 🙂

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