When You’ve Reached A Crossroad In Life

I’m going to be very blunt right now but honestly, I hate school. Don’t get me wrong, I love to acquire new knowledge, but not the knowledge that schools or colleges teach us. I feel as if the majority of things that are taught in schools are not even relevant to today’s world. Aside from the traditional academic subjects that we can actually use in the real world, schools should incorporate subjects such as relationship building, following your dreams, achieving goals, building self-efficacy, and other topics to make us feel more confident about ourselves.

As a child, I always wanted to be famous. I wanted to perform and be known by millions of people. Throughout grade school, I was enrolled in performing arts courses that my schools offered. I took classes in acting and music, which are two of my passions. However, teachers and parents always remind you the importance of college and why you should go. After having this reiterated to me a countless number of times, I put my true passions to the side and went off to college and graduated with a degree in Education.

As a second year teacher, I realized that I am not fully fulfilled in my career field. I have days in which I love what I’m doing, and days when I question myself. I sit and wonder if I am truly passionate about the demands and responsibilities that this career come with. Truthfully, I don’t think I am. The passions I find in this field consists of building the self-esteem and confidence of my students, as well as motivating and mentoring them. I want to be able to reach my students in a way that the school’s curriculum does not allow the time for. That’s how I know, I am not where I want to be.

I’ve come to a crossroad in which I am considering letting it all go and going after my true passions: music, acting, entertaining, motivating, and empowering. I recently spent over $100 on graduate schools and I’ve been accepted into a few, however I never enrolled in any of them. I can’t imagine myself going back to 10 page papers and spending countless of hours studying content that I’m not passionate about, just to make more money and become miserable. I want to be fulfilled in every aspect of life.

Word of advice: Don’t become a victim of putting your true dreams and passions to the side for something that you aren’t as passionate for. I don’t know how much I can stress this, but follow your heart and your dreams. Don’t let anything or anyone deter you from your true purpose.


  1. Great post! I can identify with a lot of things that you mentioned such as wanting to persuade acting and empowering people. I think everyone could use a supportive person to help them find/live out their passions. The world would be a much better place if everyone was doing what they loved versus checking a paycheck or social status.

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