When Faced With Depression…

Depression is a major issue that many people face. Depression can cause physical and mental issues to a person. A lot of people don’t take depression seriously. Some people think it is just a temporary feeling. A feeling that will go away “eventually”.  My depression lasted for years. Sometimes I feel it creeping back up, but then I attempt to keep myself busy by writing. Writing has really helped with my depression.

This is a song/poem I wrote a few years ago that is themed around depressions and the things people do to “temporarily” alleviate it:

Getting ready to take flight

Bottles straight to the head, I just might

Wanna get high, like a kite

So roll me a blunt and pass me the light

Ciroc, white

Yeah, that’s right

Like Kendrick say,

Don’t kill my vibe tonight

So I’m doing this solo

Since you only live once, YOLO

Might fall in love with that coco

Super crazy, Loco

Might pop one of them XO’s

Go pass my limit, overdose

Time travel, coast to coast

Thoughts in my head on overload

Anxiety and depression

premonition and stressing

Truth be told, confessing

But I still hide, suppressing

Addressing, expressing

Change subjects, digressing 

Moving forward, progressing

But I hold on, obsessing.

If you are ever feeling depressed, please seek help. Nothing is worse than keeping your emotions bottled up. You are not in this alone.