My Salute To Celebrities

One group of people I respect the most are celebrities. Celebrities are people who had a dream or goal in life and conquered fear and many obstacles to accomplish it. Think about it…

In order for them to become a celebrity:

Celebrities had to make a lot of sacrifices for their dream. A lot of celebrities dropped out of high school, college, and even quit their day job to get to where they are.

Celebrities had to work extremely hard. Many times they worked countless of hours perfecting their crafts, looking for gigs, and many other things for free, hoping that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Celebrities had to face rejection on numerous occasions. Possibly, all celebrities faced a form of rejection when reaching out to sponsors, veterans, or anyone who could’ve helped them reach their dreams.

They also had to (and still have to) watch out for those who act as if they had their best interest at heart.

Once they become famous:

Celebrities are criticized by millions on a daily basis. With the impact of social media, celebrities see negativity about themselves under all their posts on social networks.

Celebrities spend long periods of time away from their loved ones. This forces them to meet new people, however they have to question the intentions of everyone around them.

Celebrities private lives become their public lives. In the words of Drake (on “Do Not Disturb”), “Scary whenever I close my eyes at night, waking up to public statements about my private life.” Their privacy is very limited.

Celebrities are always at work, even if they are just walking down the street. They can’t be too opinionated or expressive without the media perceiving them in a negative way.

There is so much more that can be added to both lists. Anyone who has to live like this, I respect you and admire you 100%. You give me the motivation that I need to become successful. Thank you so much.

To continue showing my respect and appreciation for celebrities, I will add a section dedicated to celebrities. Stay tuned…

Now, Lets start a discussion. What else do celebrities face that we can salute them for?

Comment Below…

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  1. I love this post. Celebrities do have to sacrifice and put up with a lot all at once and on a on-going basis. And most of the time they do not receive full credit for that. Another thing could be that some of them turn their pain and past issues into art forms and/or platforms so that their fans and other people can relate. They openly talk about it in interviews and/or their social media. It is hard enough coming to term with your pain by yourself or talking it about it to your friend. To be that vulnerable and open for basically the whole world to see is even more scary in a sense.

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