Thoughts of a 20something

“Our twenties are about what we plant in the ground, not about what we harvest. We can’t keep pulling our seeds out of the dirt before it has time to grow.”-Paul Angone

The 20’s is a vital time in each of our lives. This is the decade that for the first time, we have to make our own adult decisions. I understand that in some countries 18 is the adult age. However, when someone is 18 or even 19 they are still adjusting to adulthood, and probably not really making their decisions on their own. The 20’s should be a time that you really begin to live your life to the fullest, while still working towards your future.

When I was 21, I had a group of friends who I hung out with and we did a lot of fun things. Every weekend we would have some sort of festivity. One of the things we did a lot was go downtown to a bar/club called Art Bar, which charged $10-$20 to enter and 1 hour of unlimited drinks at the bar (of course only certain ones). If we didn’t feel like going to a bar or club, we would probably go out to eat. We would even hang out at one of their houses drinking and having a good time. I appreciate the fact that I was able to experience these things with the people who I surrounded myself with.

At age 22, I became fully independent. During this time I was going to college, while working two part-time jobs. I was so determined to finish school and pay rent (as well as other bills), so giving up was not an option. I remember one semester I worked Job #1 from 7:00 AM-12:30 PM, Job #2 from 1:00 PM-6:00 PM, and class from 7:10 PM-9:50 PM. It wore me out, but it was something I felt that I had to do. In the end it paid off. I graduated 2 years after.

If I could go back, I probably wouldn’t have rushed my early 20’s. I wouldn’t have moved out so soon. Instead, I would have saved up and spent more time finding my likes and dislikes. I wouldn’t have jumped into a career at age 24. I would’ve spent more time exploring different options and seeing if it caught my interest or not. I am grateful for the growth and opportunities that I experienced, but I feel like the new field I’d like to work in could’ve been jump started from my earlier 20’s.

As 2018 approaches, I plan to really get to where I want to be. I plan to build a deeper spiritual connection and to understand patience. I plan to travel more to experience life outside of my comfort zone. I plan to network and expand my social circle. I plan to block out the noises and opinions of others, especially if it doesn’t do me any good. I plan to stop procrastinating and to work towards my dream goal. Most importantly, I plan to put myself first.





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