Race Against Yourself, Not Others

Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.- Unknown

One of the most damaging things we can do to ourselves is to compare our lives to someone else’s. Why do such a thing? It will only cause stress, heartache, and may even lead to depression.

The world is huge, full of money, and full of opportunities. There is enough greatness in the world for everyone. You don’t have to rush into a relationship because a few of your friends are already in love. You don’t have to rush to start a family because majority of the people you went to school with has started one. You don’t have to feel unaccomplished because someone you know is in a position you want to be in. YOUR TIME WILL COME. As cliché as this may sound, IT WILL. That’s what so many people fail to realize.

Everyone has their own time to shine, someway or somehow. Life isn’t a competition. Comparing your life to someone else’s will only make you feel like you have to compete or prove something to those around you. It will cause you to feel like you aren’t where you are meant to be in life, when you truly are. EVERYONES TIMING IS DIFFERENT.

We aren’t designed to compete with one another. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself. You should ask yourself, “How can I better than I was last year?” You should even take it up a notch and ask, “How can I be better than I was yesterday?” You’re supposed to challenge yourself. Not the people around you.

If you ever find yourself in a position that you think that you are not where you should be in life, do not try to prove anything to anyone. Do not try to compete. Instead, compete with the person in the mirror and watch how much you grow.

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