Signs From The Universe Aren’t Coincidences: True Story

This year was when I reached my climax in life. In a novel, the climax is the event that changes everything in the story. It is also known as the tuning point in a story. Based on the climax of a story, the outcome can be good or bad.

In 2016, I felt like I lost it all. I felt like I was alone with no one to turn to. I found myself doing things that I never thought I would do to help me cope. When 2017 began, I remember seeing 11:11 a lot when I would look at the time on many days. I never believed in signs so I never paid it any mind. However, I continued seeing it frequently still thinking it’s just a coincidence. I remember one time I was in my classroom and one of my students yelled out, “look guys it’s 11:11”. This is when I became a bit curious about these numbers. So I googled it.

According to, “seeing 11:11 frequently means that you are on the right path and you’re being assisted by your soul, spirit guides, and the Universe to consciously grow and expand”. When I read this I was alarmed. I knew what my 2016 consisted of and I knew I had to move forward in life, so this enlightened me.

I began praying frequently. I prayed for a sign and asked God to let my sign be bingo. The reason I chose the word bingo was because I felt like it’ll be very rare that I would see the word or hear the word.

A few weeks later while at work, I was talking to a coworker and she began telling me a story about her children and her mother. Within the story she said, “my kids loved playing bingo with their grandmother.” Immediately I felt a rush of energy through my body and began getting chills. It was just so shocking to me that this just happened.

When I got home, I prayed again and I asked for my sign to be 911 (Which I later felt that I shouldn’t have because it’s too common). However, one day while driving to work I noticed the car in front of me license plate ended with 911. I later saw 911 posted on a flyer (which I feel is common since that’s the number to emergencies). So I prayed for another sign. The only reason I kept praying for different sign was because I kept thinking that all of this is coincidental. However, this isn’t the end of 911.

The next sign I prayed for was Jumanji. The reason for this was because of the fact that it was an old movie that came out years ago and I never thought I would ever hear that name again. However, one day me and one of my friends were watching YouTube videos and all of a sudden a Jumanji trailer came on. I had no idea that they were making a new version of it, but this is when I realized that it was no longer coincidental that I was receiving these signs.

I stopped praying for signs because I saw that they were being shown to me. When I stopped asking for signs, I began noticing 9:11 on the clock on many days. I became curious and I googled that as well. According to, “Seeing 9:11 or 911 means you’re connected to the energies of the number and 9. 1 is linked to the start of a promising journey and suggest you’re currently particularly adept at tapping into your manifestation potential.” It has even gotten to a point that I went out to eat and my bill was $9.11. If you look at the date it is November 11th also known as 11/11. Also, the time was 04:24 which is my birthday.


This is a real true story. It doesn’t get any realer than this. I’ve never been the one to believe in signs until I witness all of these things this year. Pay attention to signs. They keep you sane and on the right path in life. There is a lot more I can add to this story especially from this night, but I’m going to let life play out and then update you all.

To be continued…….


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