Fear: Battle Of The Mind

These are the current thoughts going through my head:

I want to succeed at following my dreams. It feels as if every time I take a step forward, I end up taking three steps backwards. Fear can be so detrimental in life. It is still present in mine. What am I so afraid of? I think it’s the fear of pursuing something and I fail. However, isn’t that suppose to build the courage needed to keep going? But, what if I fail so badly that I end up with nothing?

I worked so hard to get to where I am in life. I built my independence alone. An apartment, a degree, a certification, a great credit score, and a 2016 vehicle all in my name. To lose all of this and have to start at ground zero again will hurt. How does one get such courage to do something so risky? I wish there was a how-to book for this.

I guess I will never know what will happen, until I finally take that first step without looking back. I was watching Steve Harvey the other day and there was a girl on the show who was going through the same thing. She wanted to quit her current job and follow her dream of being a hairstylist, but she had obligations in life that made it hard for her. Steve told her, “if you never jump, you will never soar.” Which is so true.

How will we know if we’d succeed at something, if we never take that first step? Only time will tell…


  1. Fear cant be debilitating, but once you realize that fear is only a figment of the imagination, it makes accomplishing your goals easier. Good luck, sir 🤗

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