Take Time Off, Your Job Will Be Fine

I always had the belief that once you apply for a job, you are agreeing to be there every day when required, except for unfortunate circumstances. This belief led me to rack up on 113 sick hours that I never actually saw myself using, unless an unfortunate circumstance were to occur. When I saw how other people would use their sick time for pleasurable purposes such as trips, relaxation, or things to help them reach their goal, my belief shifted.

Today was the first day that I’ve actually taken a day off from work after working in this position for two years. I was originally going on a trip to Atlanta and planned on returning today, as to why I requested today off. However, I canceled my trip and decided to keep the day off. Believe me, this was hard for me to do. I kept pondering on whether I should go to work or not. In my past position as a supervisor, I knew the feeling of being short on staff. That’ why I never missed a day from work. But, when you have a goal or dream that you are trying to reach, you have to keep a tunnel vision.

We aren’t suppose to live to work. Life is too short to just work, work, and work. We need time off to relax and reflect on things. This relaxation time can help clear mental space that has gotten consumed from working a lot. We need time off to work on ourselves. This can include finding new hobbies and interests or even pursuing a goal. There are so many things that we can do with time off from work.

I’m going to use my time off from work and focus on me. I made a dental and dermatologist appointment that I haven’t had the time to do. I made a balanced breakfast for the first time in so long. Now, I’m about to head to the beach just to relax and write whatever thoughts that come to my mind…… I may even continue working on my book…….

Just remember to take time off when you need to. You deserve it!

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