Confessions of a Fatherless Son: Part II

I’m not even going to hide it. Growing up without my father being fully in my life has affected me in many negative ways.  Being fatherless caused me to have abandonment issues. I never allowed myself to get close to anyone because I feared that they would end up leaving. Even though I was about 5 when I became fatherless, it still haunts me til this day.

Ten Questions I’d Like to ask him:

Are you proud of the decisions that you made which affected your offsprings?

Do you ever think of ways to fix our broken relationship?

Are your wife children a substitute for your own children?

What do you say when people ask you about your children?

Do you lie to people and make it seem like you have a relationship with your children?

Do you sleep well at night knowing that we don’t have a bond?

Do you truly love and care about your children?

Are you too prideful to admit your wrongs and apologize?

What really kept you away from being in my life?

Should I forgive you for the pain you caused?

Parents, please realize that a child is affected by EVERYTHING that you do. Let me repeat that, EVERYTHING that you do affects your child.  Once your child is born, you are now living for two people. When you are making a decision, think about how it can affect your child. Don’t be selfish and make an “in the moment” decision that can possibly cause pain in your child’s life in the long run. Instead, take some time to get to know your child, spend time with your child, and make you child feel wanted in life. PUT YOUR CHILD FIRST! These are the things that help a child prosper in life.

Check out Part I of Confessions of a Fatherless Son

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