The Truth About Success

To many, being successful means being wealthy or rich. It means being able to afford what ever you desire at any given time. Since money can be powerful, people believe it can make them feel on top of the world. Being able to buy mansions, yachts, or fancy cars and clothes may feel nice, but it doesn’t bring about true success.

Success starts from within. It doesn’t come from tangible things. It can only be supported by those things. You see, money can’t buy success, just like it can’t buy happiness. When someone is successful they feel it. It’s a rush of excitement that flows through their body. They are living the life that they dreamed of and they are feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Success means…..

identifying your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

pursuing your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

loving and accepting yourself for who you are (including flaws).

finding peace within your soul.

forgiving those who hurt you in the past.

finding the beauty in life.

& spreading love and gratitude as often as you can.

When the above things are practiced, it will bring a true feeling of success. These are internal things that will grant you happiness, and in turn make you feel successful. Don’t depend on the money, cars, and clothes to make you feel successful. Instead, start from within, and then support your internal success with tangible items.

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  1. I agree. Success is not a goal but a journey and achieving your personal goals, maintaining your wellbeing and happiness – thats the real success, that’s the new rich 😉

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