When It’s Time To Let Go

“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together.” Unknown

Same game,
a new day.
I’m burnt out
and don’t wanna play.

But I gotta play
to get you to stay,
and we both know
that it’s your way.

I thought I lucked up,
then reality hit,
and I was fucked up.

So I packed up,
and went out the door.
I’m in the same place
that I was before.

How could it be?
A revolving door.
But it’s you I love,
and I want some more.

So we make amends,
and try again
starting off as friends,
hoping we’ll transcend.

I put in work,
you don’t do the same.
Now we arguing
on who should take the blame.

I’m letting go
and you pull me back.
Then we realize and accept,
that we aren’t the perfect match.

Let’s have a Mental Stimulation Conversation! What are some issues you faced while letting go of a toxic/broken relationship? Comment Below. 

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