The Truth About Unrequited Love

It’s something that is seen in movies, TV shows, and heard in music. Frank Ocean sang about it in “Bad Religion”. Brandy sang about it in “Have Your Ever”. The terrible feeling of unrequited love. The type of love that is one-sided. The kind of love in which you want to give your heart to someone, but you know they don’t feel the same. This can be painful and heartbreaking.

Loving someone requires vulnerability. In order to be vulnerable, a person would have to open up special parts of their heart that no one else has seen. This includes sharing deep feelings.

I don’t think anyone goes into meeting someone with the intentions of falling in love. I believe it just happens. Spending ample time with another individual can initiate strong feelings. You begin learning each others likes and dislikes, you know what makes each other laugh, and you also begin learning bits and pieces of information about each other. As time passes by, you have both built trust in one another and you begin becoming vulnerable and sharing deep feelings about yourself with them. Before you know it, you find yourself in love with this person, only to then find out, they don’t feel the same.

How do you cope with this? Do you sit around and continue being friends in hopes that they will eventually feel the same? Or do you pick up the broken pieces and move forward with your life? Rejection can be devastating, especially from someone who you’ve become so close with. It may make you feel less confident, shattered, and may even lead to depression. However, rejection is something that we must accept. Hell, it happens.

We can not control how another person feel about us. We can only control how we react to the situation. I was recently involved in an unrequited love situation. I never thought in a million years that I would be pouring my feelings out to be rejected in the end. As painful as this was, it gave me the strength I needed to move forward.  I would’ve liked to maintain a friendship, but it is impossible to be just friends with someone who you’ve developed strong feelings for. It’s like a conflict of interest. You will never be truly happy for them when it comes to them being in love with someone, because in actuality you wish they were in love with you. I am not saying to completely cut off a friendship if you are in an unrequited love situation, but keep a GREAT amount of distance between yourself and the person. In due time, you will be fine.

Let’s have a Mental Stimulation Conversation! How do you feel about unrequited love? What are some good ways to deal with this feeling? Comment Below. 

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