Do Your Heart Still Beat For Me?

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”- Deepak Chopra

Let’s take it back to a couple of years,
didn’t know that you would leave with a couple of tears.
I was built up with a couple of fears,
and in my heart deep down I thought you knew I cared.

Looking back, I was insecure.
Never once admitted ’til you closed door.
Now I gotta put my pride to the side,
and let you know how I feel inside.

First off, I’m hurt.
Feel like you left me in the dirt.
How you let someone walk in your life
and cut me off like a butcher knife?

Shit like this I don’t understand.
Before it all, I was your best friend.
And even though you let me go,
theres something that I need know.

Do your heart still beat for me?
Do your heart still beat for me?
If your heart still beat for me.
Then let your heart just beat for me.