Hitting The Reset Button In Life

Have you ever felt like you you’ve hit ground zero in life and can’t pick back up where you left off? Maybe you’ve lost your job, your partner, or maybe even yourself. We’ve all been there before (and if you haven’t it may occur one day). However, should that stop you from pushing through adversity?

Whoever said life is easy must have been referring to fairy tales. Nothing worth living for is going to be easy. Life is a journey. Throughout this journey, you will experience many highs, lows, twists, and turns. There will be many potholes and roadblocks that you will encounter. There may be times when you feel like you’ve had enough and you want to throw in the towel. I’m here to tell you, Never Give Up, Keep pushing!  Below are four tips to starting over in life.

Love yourself, unconditionally

We all have a story. Some of our stories are more intense than others. There are things that we wish we could change in our stories, but the past has already happened. Accept this with self-love. If you don’t love and accept yourself, then no one else will. Take a look in the mirror and admire the person you see. Accept the things that you can’t change about yourself. Appreciate your hardships and struggles. It’s the reasons why you are still standing. Embrace your personality. Don’t be afraid to be your true authentic self.

Release your bottled up emotions

Nothing is as detrimental as keeping your emotions bottled up. This is what creates stress, depression, and other health issues. Some people who keep their emotions bottled up experience nervous breakdowns. Instead of bottling emotions, consider confiding in close friend, family member, or someone you trust. Write your thoughts in a journal. Seek a therapist or counselor. Join an online forum and vent to someone. There are so many things we can do besides keeping our feelings bottled up.

Spend time alone

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Alone time is very essential, especially for personal growth. Use this time to meditate and get to know yourself all over again. Write a list of your likes and dislikes. Build your faith. Engage in activities that you are passionate about. Get out and travel the world. Got for a walk. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy your alone time and become one with yourself. This is when you learn yourself all over again.

Surround yourself with positive people

Energy is contagious. During the rebuilding stage you should stray away from negative energy and surround yourself with people of positive energy. These people will uplift you while encouraging and motivating you. This will help you aim to get through hard times and back on the road to success. They can also be seen as a support system, while being there for you when you are in need. Don’t be afraid to cut ties from people who weigh you down. You owe it to yourself to release negativity and block out the noise around you.

Always remember, it is never too late to start a new beginning. When you feel like you can no longer move forward in life, begin rebuilding yourself. 

Let’s have a Mental Stimulation Conversation! What else can we do to start over in life? Comment Below.