Trusting The Signs From The Universe

About this time last year, I ran across a book that would eventually change my life. The book was titled, “The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith” by Gabrielle Bernstein. In this book Gabrielle talks about how fear can get in the way of our faith and cause problems in our lives. Gabrielle reminds us throughout the book that your faith should always be bigger than your fear.

One interesting thing Gabrielle mentioned in this book is asking the universe for a sign. Many times we pray or ask the universe for something in hopes to get our prayers answered. If our prayers aren’t answered by our expected timeframe, we give up, ignoring the fact that if we possibly held on a little longer we could’ve gotten just what we wanted.

One night I prayed to God and I asked for a sign. I asked God to give me a sign of “cubicle” if I am making the right decisions in life. The reason why I chose such a random word is because I didn’t want a more common word that I’d eventually end up hearing.

Earlier today I was reading a blog on a another website. As I was reading this blog, I ran across a line saying “There are so many couples whose love story starts off at matching cubicles but don’t sleep with someone you work with.” I literally froze with my mouth wide open, and immediately my mind began going 100 miles per hour.

Is this coincidental? Is this God giving me the sign that I asked for? I don’t know. I’m afraid to believe it and then be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. However that would be me operating off of fear and I told myself that I no longer want to live in fear.

I am going to put my FULL trust in God and believe that the sign I prayed for was for me.



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