Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers in the world. Take this day to appreciate those who are meaningful to you and your life. Love is a very beautiful thing. Two hearts, minds, and spirits coming together to form an undeniable bond that no one else could understand. As I sit and reflect, I can’t help but to think of the soul I fell in love with.

As much as I don’t want to love you, I can’t stop. As much as I want to go back to seeing you as a friend, I can’t. How does one swallow a pill so tough? I feel like my uncontrollable feelings caused me to lose my best friend. They say people come into your life for a reason. What is the reason behind this unrequited love situation? Was it to show me that I can still love and care about another person? Or was it to throw me off track from where my life is heading? Whatever it is I am glad that we crossed paths. I learned so much about myself within the last year of our friendship. I never thought that I could be able to be so open and honest with another person after my last love situation. I didn’t think I could speak so freely and be understood without explaining myself in depth. It sucks that we view each other in two different ways. You were there for me during some of my darkest moments. You helped me move on from my past disappointments. You helped me become a better version of myself.

Maybe this was meant to happen. Maybe I was supposed to go through another unrequited love situation to focus on myself and getting to where I need to be. The part that hurt the most is that we are no longer as close as we were a few months ago. No matter where life may take us, the memories will always live on.

Happy Valentines Day! 

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