Confessions of a Fatherless Son: Part III

So in case you didn’t know, today is my birthday. I am officially 26 years old. I woke up this morning at about 4 AM and began pondering on my life and where I want this journey to take me. I listened to different motivational speeches on YouTube and read up on a few inspirational blogs. After that, I started getting ready for work.

On my way to work, a few happy birthday text messages came in and to my surprise, one was from my father (who was actually the third person to tell me happy birthday). His text read, “Happy birthday wishing you all the best, enjoy your day”. Shortly after sending the text he sent another one saying, “love you”. I don’t know why, but I immediately bursted into tears.

Last time I actually spoke to or seen my father was three years ago. I blocked him on social media and from my phone after I found out he was married. The reason being is because I felt as if he put another human being before his own child. In order for two people to marry, they have to spend ample time together to build a bond, which he never really spent with me.

Considering the fact that this is the 1st form of contact in three years, I sat to myself and pondered on what my response should be. Should I tell him how I feel about our relationship? Should I ignore his text message? Or should I just send a thumbs up emoji?

I took the high road and my response was, “Thank you. Hope all is well. Love u too.” Lord knows this was very hard for me to do. However, in order to reach my goal of happiness I have to learn to forgive and not block people out without giving them a chance in mending a broken situation.

After that he texted me saying, “we need meet up one day.” I agreed to it by saying, “ok”. He then said, “Have a good day.” My response was, “Thanks. You too.”

Based on this short exchange of messages, I can tell that he wants to fix our broken relationship. Trust me, I do as well. However, it’s not going to be an easy road. I don’t know when or where we will meet up, but I’ll definitely be back to give a summary.

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