The Dangers of Limited Thoughts, Beliefs, & Actions

Have you ever found yourself praying for the same thing repeatedly and nothing changes? Do you find your faith dwindling and causing you to doubt the universe? This is something that many of us go through in life. It took me a while to actually learn how the universe works and how to make sure I am on the right path in life.

Often times, I pray for certain things and ask for a sign. When I don’t receive the sign or see any evidence that my prayer will come true, my faith begins to dwindle and I end up getting anxious. When my anxiety gets the best of me, I begin googling topics such as faith and patience. I even go to my colleague and ask for her views on spirituality. She always reassure me of how powerful the universe is, and helps me focus on remaining humble while trusting that everything will work out in the end.

There is nothing as good as getting what you want right then and there. Since we as humans want instant gratification, our faith may decrease if our prayers aren’t answered in the timeframe that we expect. However in reality, we sometimes need to take a look at ourselves while we are praying. What is it that you could be doing that may be blocking your blessings?

I believe that in order for us to get our blessings, we have to let go of our limiting thoughts, beliefs, and actions. We can’t pray for a new job if we are afraid to leave our current job. We can’t pray for a fulfilling relationship if we are still holding on to a past lover. We can’t pray for financial security if we aren’t budgeting properly. These are limitations that can hinder us from getting to where we want to be in life.

Take this time to reflect on your life. What are some things that may be holding you back from getting to where you want to be in life? What are some sacrifices that you can make right now to press forward in life? Are you willing to let go of these limitations to receive your blessings?

Once we let go of the limiting factors in our lives, we then open the door to receive our blessings. So the next time you find yourself praying and you feel as if nothing is changing, take a look at yourself and see what thoughts, beliefs, and actions may be holding you back. I guarantee you will be victorious!

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