Be Happy, The World Is Yours!

Happiness… What does this term mean to you? Do you know the importance of it? Is it something that you strive to achieve everyday? Or is it something that you put off in hopes that it will just come around? What many people don’t realize is the fact that life is too short to be unhappy.

There is a phrase that my mom used to say when I was growing up, “today you’re here, tomorrow you’re gone”, which is so true. Nearly every week that I log in to social media sites I see an RIP post. Many of these people are close in age with me. Anytime I see this I begin to reflect on my life and think to myself, “what if it was me whose life has ended?” Would I have accomplished all of my hopes and dreams? Would I have any regrets of not taking risks when I had a chance to? I then realize the importance of the present moment and my status on happiness. I can’t be held back. I have to start pursuing the life I imagined without the noise and distractions of those around me.

As hard as this is to accept, there is really no blueprint to life. The only blueprint that many people go by is the Bible, which can be interpreted in so many ways based on your own perspective.

We may question some of our decisions. We may seek advice from others. But, at the end of the day, no one has all the answers to life. All we have is our heart and our own desires, and to let someone take that away from you is the worst thing you can do.

It’s time to begin creating your own life. Be who you want to be. Love who you want to love. Pursue whatever it is that your heart desire. Forget what people say. These are the people who are unhappy in their own lives. These are people that have nothing better to do with their time except judge, criticize, and critique as if they have it all together themselves. In other words, these are negative people.

Don’t be deterred from your journey in life. Enjoy the ride. Make memories. Live today as if it is your last. Smile. Laugh. Love. Do whatever it is that you want to do. But most importantly, be happy. The world is yours!

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