The Mental Stimulation Podcast!

Check out the official Mental Stimulation Podcast! Below are the links to each episode. You can also listen to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms. Thank you for your continued support.

Escaping The 9 to 5

In this episode, L.K. Hodge & D. Ward discuss the definition of a 9 to 5 is and the top 5 reasons that keep people stuck at a 9 to 5. Listen as these two share their thoughts and experiences regarding this topic.

Transitioning From College to the Real World

College life and adult life are two different worlds. As you transition, responsibilities pick up, your social life changes, your mindset changes, and sometimes your degree becomes pointless. Listen as L.K. Hodge & D. Ward talk about the top 4 things they’ve dealt with while transitioning from college to the real world.

Law of Attraction

In this episode we discuss the three stages of The Law of Attraction and how it helps you manifest all of your dreams and desires. When you ASK the universe for something, you must BELIEVE that you will RECEIVE it.

Goals For 2019

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a safe and exciting New Year. In this episode, L.K. Hodge and D. Ward discuss their biggest accomplishments of 2018 and their current goals for 2019. It’s time to level up and go after everything that your soul desire! It’s 2019!

Millennial Dating

In this episode, L.K. Hodge & D. Ward talk about the infamous millennial dating app TINDER! How many times have you went on tinder and dealt with straight foolishness from the people you’ve matched with?! Not only that, imagine how dating would be if social media and dating apps were never invented. Listen as these two express their feelings about tinder and dating in this generation.

The Art of Positive & Negative Thinking–Negative-Thinking-e333ja

In this episode we discuss the art of positive and negative thinking. Remember that your thoughts create your reality. If you aren’t monitoring your thoughts, you could be setting yourself up for disappointments. Be conscious of your thinking patterns.

Get Your Shxt Together!

Whether it’s breaking a bad habit or starting a new habit, we all have things we want to work on within ourselves. This is why we need to get our sh*t together! Listen as our host L.K. Hodge & D. Ward talk about the ways they plan on getting their shit together and how you can get your sh*t together as well.

People Pleasing

In this episode we discuss the cons of making decisions based on other peoples feelings, in other words- people pleasing. Was there ever a time that you tried to please another person by saying yes when you really wanted to say no? How did it make you feel? Listen as we discuss the times we said yes to accommodate another person and how it affected us.

Is College Really Necessary?

With all the free resources out there and a world ran by social media, is college really necessary? Listen as we weigh the pros and cons of obtaining a college degree.

Spiritual Journey

A spiritual journey is a personal journey that one takes in an attempt to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Listen as we talk about our spiritual journey, “personal process”, and connecting with ourselves to have a better understanding of the world around us.

Things We Wish We Knew

Growing from a child to an adult can be a critical thing. We learn things that can be beneficial to our adulthood, as well as harmful. In this episode we talk about the things we wished we knew while growing up. Listen as we discuss topics such as self-worth, trusting your dreams, and therapy.


When it comes to the term self-love, what exactly does it mean to you? How do you practice self-love? Listen as we discuss how we feel about self-love and the importance of practicing it daily.

Mental Health Awareness

May is known as Mental Health Awareness Month. Every year millions of people enter phase in which they are living with a mental illness. This includes anxiety, depression, paranoia, PTSD, etc. It is important to understand the triggers of mental health and how to combat them. In this episode, we discuss ways of dealing with mental health and how to find ways to balance life when things seem tough.

The Importance of Men’s Health

June serves as national Men’s Health Awareness Month. The goal of Men’s Health Awareness is to raise awareness on health issues that can be prevented through early detection and to encourage men to take their health serious. Men’s Health is not only limited to physical health, it also includes mental health, emotional health, and many more. In this episode, we talk about the importance of going to the doctor, seeking therapy, and taking your health serious. We also talk about fears that we face when it comes to our health. Listen, enjoy, and stimulate your mind!

A Trip of Inspiration

We are back to talk about a Field Trip we attended that inspired us to the max! A trip that not only caught our interest, but reminded us of our full potential. A trip to Cox Media Studios! Cox Media studios is the host to many different radio stations. As we toured the different stations, we were enlightened by the atmosphere and the positive energies in the building. Listen as we talk about this experience.


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