Your Heart is Speaking… Listen

“When we trust and follow our instincts, we are living authentically. We are making choices that are aligned with who we are.”- Fran Sorin

Take a moment to reflect on this question. Has there ever been a time when you heard a story about someone who regretted following their heart and how they truly felt? This is a question I find myself pondering on a lot. As many fairytales that I’ve read and as many movies that I saw, I have never witnessed one in which a character regretted following their heart. Even in real life, I’ve never heard of anyone who wished they’d never followed their heart. 

There is a great book I recently read titled, “The Power of You”. In this book the author Chris Michaels gives his advice and opinion on how to connect with your inner self to become a better version of yourself. One of the things mentioned in this book that I will always remember is the fact that the author says that God is in our heart guiding our every move. In other words, we all have a God living within us that guides us to our life’s purpose. In order to fulfill this we must follow the spirit within us. This is why it’s important to operate off your intuition and what you feel. When you go against this, you are operating off of fear and not listening to God or your inner intuition. 

The only way to truly get what’s yours and what’s meant for you is to follow your heart. Our heart is our God. It is our love. It is our spirit. Our guidance. Our everything. It is the only thing that knows us inside out. Our heart knows all of what we’ve been through in life. It knows our trials and tribulations. It is the only thing that keeps us alive after it’s been broken in millions of pieces. As many times as it has been scarred, hurt, disappointed, or betrayed, it still knows what is best for us.

Always remember to follow your heart to receive your full blessings. Even though following our heart takes so much courage, strength, and determination, it truly leads us to our final destination.

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