Make Your Mark On Earth

Hello to all of my readers and subscribers. It’s been a while since you’ve last heard from me. I guess I can say life has gotten in the way. I’ve been putting my focus into other things. I’ve been recording podcasts, traveling, and trying to get into a better mental space. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing as well. A lot of things I’ve written is more-so from a personal aspect so I’ve been holding back on blogging about it.

Earlier this month, I took a trip to Mexico. I must say that my trip to Mexico was one of the best trips I’ve taken. I had time to explore Cancun, do many adventurous things, as well as reflect on life itself. Below is something I wrote while I was in Mexico:

How can a small individual as myself impact a world so big? What can I do to leave an everlasting effect on planet earth? How can I use my gifts and skills to help others? What can I stand firm on? What beliefs can I be brave enough to speak upon?

I don’t want to leave this earth without leaving my mark. I want to be remembered for centuries. I want to be remembered for something positive. I want to be remembered for having a pure and authentic heart. I want to be remembered as someone who embraces authenticity and encourages others to do the same. 

In a life full of fears we get sidetracked from our purpose and our existence. Instead of following our souls, we follow the voices and distractions around us. This sometimes leads us into a deeper and darker hole in which we lose our identity. Which in turn causes us to engage in activities that are detrimental to our physical health and mental health. If this is you who I’m talking about, it’s time to recover!

It’s time to get back to who you are and who you are meant to be. It’s time to break the bad habits that have been holding you back for years. It’s time to fully embrace who you are. It’s time to listen to your inner voice and not the voices of the world around you. It’s time to live your purpose. It’s time to get your shit together and leave your impact on the world. You don’t want to be remembered as a stressed and depressed soul. Take this time to return to your soul and watch how you elevate!

Be sure to check out The Mental Stimulation Podcast, available on Apple Podcast, Castbox and Anchor. Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it.


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