Experiences With Heartbreak

Heartbreak, one of the most detrimental feelings a person can experience. Something that we all face at least once in our lives. Something that can harm us, change us, guard us, or make us shut down. Some people may even become bitter or heartless. Luckily, the effect that heartbreak had on me was a positive one.

Heartbreak humbled the FUCK out of me. Of course in the beginning it hurt like hell. Losing the person who knew you inside out. The person who you’d go to when you’re having a good or bad day. The person you seek when you need advice. The person who you share your deep and darkest secrets with. All of that hurt. But luckily, it didn’t make me heartless. It motivated me to find peace. Peace within the situation and peace within myself. It made me become an open minded individual.

I became open to reading more and learning about how our thoughts control our lives. It made me understand and accept the true meaning of love. It made me understand that love is the answer to all situations. It helped me understand that everything that I do or say should be out of nothing but love. 

I became a more mindful person. A person who is more aware of his thoughts and feelings. A person who shows love, support, and gratitude towards anyone I encounter. It helped me build my faith and trusting and believing that there is meaning behind every situation in life. It made me pray more and attempt to live in the moment.

I thank God that heartbreak had a positive effect on me and nothing negative. I feel as if I’m a more humble and understanding human being. I feel as if I don’t let others get the best of me or control my mood or my spirit. I realize that I am in full control of my life and how I feel at all times. 

It also encouraged me to face my fears. Face the fear of rejection. Face the fear of opening up and letting people know how I feel even if it’s not reciprocated. Face the fears of being an individual and not conjoined with anyone else. Face the fear of embracing the person that I am. 

I’ve grown into a man that I never thought that I’d be. I thought I’d still live in the shadows of others and what they expect and want me to be. Instead, I am a man who makes his own decisions without the consent and validation of the world around him. A man who can find peace being alone. A man who battles his issues by himself, without the dependence of others. A man who can and will stand on his own when life throws all the curveballs left and right. A man that will not fail or be defeated. A man who will love at every chance and opportunity that he gets! A man of God. A man of free will. And most importantly a man that I am most proud of. I love and live for L. K. Hodge! I am extremely proud of this man! Thank you for holding on and not giving up. The best is still and is always YET to come!

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  1. The beauty of taking charge of your emotions allows you to gain your power back and gain more self awareness around the type of love you’re able to give. I love this!

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