Let Your Heart Take the Lead

Take a moment to reflect on this question: When have you ever heard a story about someone who regretted following their heart and how they truly feel? Or even better, when has following your heart led you to a place of regret? 

Many times when I’m reflecting on my life, I ask myself, “how do you want true blessings in life if you aren’t to follow your heart and what you feel inside?”

God is in your heart guiding you. That’s why it’s important to operate solely off your intuition and soul. When you ignore the two and second guess everything, you’re operating off of fear and not listening to that inner GPS.

The only way to truly get what’s yours and what’s meant for you is to follow your heart. It is our God. It is our love. It is our spirit. Our guidance. Our everything. The only thing that knows us inside out. The only things that know what we’ve truly been through in life. The only thing that keeps us alive after it’s been broken in millions of pieces. 

Follow your heart to receive your blessings. Even though following your heart takes so much courage, strength, and determination. It truly leads you to your final destination. Follow your heart and see just where it leads you.  

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