End 2019 With A BANG!

Happy December! We have officially approached the last month of the year.

Take a moment and reflect on 2019. What are some things that you’ve accomplished this year? What are some things that you stepped away from? Do you feel like you used your time wisely this year? Do you feel like you made the best of your days? 

When I sit back and reflect on my 2019, I can honestly say that it has been a very interesting journey for me. Two of the most valuable things I learned this year is the art of forgiveness and the art of unconditional love. I learned that God really works in mysterious ways. I learned that whenever you think your prayers aren’t being answered, you are operating in fear. I learned that what’s meant to be will always be no matter what you do or say. I learned that in God’s timing everything will work out just right.

As the rest of the month continue, I’d like to challenge my readers as well as myself to make the best of the remainder of 2019. Let’s keep these questions at the forefront of our brains: How can I end 2019 with a bang? What is it that I can do now to help me prepare for my blessings in 2020?  

LET’S END 2019 With A BANG!

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