It’s Time To Declutter

When it comes to term decluttering, it goes way beyond getting rid of things that’s just sitting around. It is getting rid of things that no longer serves value in your life and is taking up space, hindering you from moving forward. 

As a part of the “End 2019 With A BANG!”, it is time to declutter. 

First, let’s talk about decluttering your personal space. What are some things that you own that you no longer need? Check your closet and your drawers. Get rid of any clothing that you haven’t worn in years. Check the shelves in your closet. Are there anything on the shelves that you will never use again, such as old college textbooks? If so, get rid of them. They are taking up space from what 2020 is going to bring into your life.

Next, it’s time declutter your personal relationships. Do you have any friendships that you sometimes have to question? If your answer is yes, start decluttering. Get rid of any relationship that doesn’t bring you genuine happiness. Let go of any relationship that you constantly feel misunderstood. Eliminate any relationship from your life that suck all the energy out of you. By holding on to these types of relationships, it’ll never allow you to experience the joy of the new relationships that 2020 is going to bring you.

Lastly, but yet most importantly, declutter your mind. In case you didn’t know, your mind controls every aspect of your being. What you think, is what will come to life. Free yourself of limiting thoughts and beliefs that’s been holding you back. Get rid of any fear based thought that enters your mind. Let go of any anxious thoughts that you may have. Replace your fear based thoughts with faith. This is the only way you can experience a worthwhile 2020.  

As we prepare for 2020, it is important to make room in our lives for what’s about to come. Take the first step forward and declutter! Continue to End 2019 With a BANG! & Make room for what 2020 has in store for you. 

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