New Contributor Alert!

Mental Stimulation is committed to inspiring individuals all around the world in becoming the best version of themselves. We achieve this through our podcasts, daily quotes, and personal stories relative to the twists and turns that life has to offer.

We are always looking for brave and courageous individuals to share their story with the world.

On behalf of Mental stimulation, we are excited to introduce to you our newest contributor who goes by the name of Channy. 

Get to know her below:

Who is Channy? 

I am a woman who enjoys reading about life and digging deeper into its meaning. I have a yearning to learn more and open myself up to others. My goal is to be able to connect and relate to people, as well as open others up to new perspectives. I believe we are all searching for answers to life and what better way to figure out those things than together? You will find that I am kind, witty, caring and a woman who loves life and love. You will see me on my happy days and dark days because we all have both – right? I am ever complex, so readers will get to see the different sides of me through my writing and storytelling. You’re in for a treat. Follow along the journey through my thoughts and heart as I allow myself to be vulnerable for you all to see, in hopes that you too can relate and we help each other through this crazy journey called life. 

You can follow Channy on social media @youlovechanny and check her out on future episodes of The Mental Stimulation Podcast. 

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