Stop Holding On & Let Go

Letting go of things that once made us happy is one of the hardest things to do. This can come in the form of a person, a job, or even a habit. It’s like our soul speaks to us and tells us to let go, but our mind still have some type of hope that things will get better. This is what I like to call the battle between the mind and the soul, in which the soul knows best, but the mind tries to convince it otherwise.

In reality, this could be one of the hardest battles we face in life. It’s like our intuition knows that something is no longer serving us, but our mind tries to keep us holding on. We go through anxiety, depression, hurt, pain, etc. trying to stay somewhere that we know deep down is no longer beneficial to us. We run ourselves crazy trying to hold on to what was, and ignore the fact that it is all past tense. 

At the age of 27, I can honestly say I’ve seen a lot and done a lot. I’ve experienced triumphs and disappointments. I’ve had my highs and my lows. I’ve had days where I’ve literally questioned my existence. But, one thing I did learn is the art and beauty of letting go. 

I’ve learned to put the past behind me. I’ve taken time to find new approaches to different situations in life. I’ve learned to lock old doors that were not conducive to my growth and throw away the keys. I’ve repeatedly told myself that there is no more looking back. I had to remind myself that it’s all about moving forward and taking the steps that I’ve never taken before. I’ve learned to face my fears head on.

I challenge you all to take this journey with me. Take a moment and reflect. What is something that you know deep down that you have to let go? What is something that is no longer serving you? What is something that is holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can be? Whatever it is, find the courage to let it go. Trust me, it isn’t easy. But, let today be the day that you reclaim your life! Let it go!


  1. I just left my meditation session and I come across this post. I honestly feel like my job is no longer serving me but I’m afraid to let it go due to a predictable paycheck. I don’t want to enter into the fear of the unknown. It’s a form of security, false security. However, you’ve inspired me to reflect on this situation even more because it’s time for a major change in my life. Thank you!

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