The Glow Up

The glow up; a phrase we use on social media to explain a transformation, typically referring to your looks going from not to hot. As a newly single woman, I, too have used this phrase to express my blooming transformation since my breakup in October. For some reason since this break up, my skin has literally been glowing and my smile radiates, not to mention my self love has increased. Yes, glowing up is nice…but I can’t help but wonder if we all only think about it from a looks aspect. 

Lately I’ve been on a journey – a spiritual one, yet one that connects mind, body and spirit. Have you mastered this? Has anybody? I’m not sure, but I know I’m up for the challenge. This is MY glow up.


What are the things that make you smile? Calms you down? Hypes you up? Makes you feel good! These are the things that feed your spirit. For me, I like to listen to music, go out, get some fresh air, or even just sitting down meditating and lighting my candles. These activities are what I love to do in my alone time.


What stimulates your mind? What makes you think? What gets your noggin going? To feed my mind I love to read and listen to podcasts, especially while at work – helps the day go by. I read books that range from fiction, to spiritual, to self-motivation. The podcasts I subscribe to vary from current events, to love advice, to sex topics, relationships and marriage, the list goes on. These are the things that get me thinking and looking at life through a different lense.


The simplest, yet hardest one. Your body. Do you eat right? Do you workout? How much do you overindulge? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all for a revenge body! Of course we don’t do it for our exes or other people, but it doesn’t hurt to look your best after a messy break up – It reminds you that you still got it! And remember the old cliché, when you look good, you feel good.

Going forward, let’s change the way we look at glow ups. It’s more than just looks, it’s your whole being! Love YOU. Take care of YOU. Enjoy the process of the Glow Up. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise. 

“Expand your mind. Nurture your heart. Develop your body. Cultivate your soul.”

~Matshona Dhliwayo

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