Quarantine Bluez

Hello to my faithful and new readers. Firstly, let me apologize for not finishing the daily quotes throughout the month of March. I tried to hold on til the end of March, but honestly, the current quarantine got in the way.

I tried to stay motivated, but I felt my motivation dying day by day. I had so many plans that I was looking forward to during this spring season, but I had to cancel them all. I had plans of exploring different parts of my city, going to Puerto Rico, and finding more hobbies that I’m passionate about. Not only that, I had plans of celebrating my 28th Birthday in an extravagant way. But, I guess everything happens for a reason.

As of late, I’ve been trying to find ways to feel motivated again. It hasn’t been easy at all, but I’m doing the best that I can, while feeling constraint and limited.

I’ve been going for walks/runs around my complex. I’ve been creating new routines to follow. I’ve been eating somewhat healthier. I’ve been doing more daily reflections. So yeah, I’m working towards something.

The great thing about it all is the fact that I’m not ungrateful throughout this qurantine. I’m still grateful and appreciative for the small things in life. Of the thousands of people who unfortunately contracted the virus or loss their lives to the virus, I was blessed to still be here virus-free. I am grateful for the fact that I still had some sort of income coming in to pay bills. I appreciate the time that I was given to relax. Most importantly, I appreciate the time for much needed soul work that still has more to be done. 

Only time will tell when things will be back to normal all around. But, I do hope you all are staying safe and practicing social distancing. If we all work together during this time, we can come out strong and defeat this pandemic. Take care.

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