“I Can’t Wait Until I’m Grown”

Like many others, you can probably relate to saying the phrase, “I can’t wait until I’m grown” when you were a child. I’m going to admit, I’ve said this plenty of times. But now that I’m actually an adult, it’s not the “grown” that I thought it would be.

You see, when we are children, we paint this image of how good our lives will be. We envision having the most luxurious car in the world. We see ourselves living in a big mansion with big screen tv’s and indoor pools. We imagine working our dream job, making a lump sum of money, and just living our best lives. All we see is the happiest parts adulthood. Our poor, young naive minds don’t see the full reality of what being grown consists of.

The reality is sometimes the perfect career that we envisioned is not exactly what it seemed to be. Never in a million years did we think that our dream job would drain our energy. We had no idea that this job would barely support the luxurious life we envisioned. We didn’t know that it would hinder our social lives causing us to put work before ourselves. Nor did we think that it would require living up to unrealistic expectations. And sadly, we never pictured that the job we dreamed of isn’t really our dream job after all.

Then, there’s the reality of relationships. We didn’t think that finding our life partner would be so difficult. We thought Simba had Nala and Aladdin had Jasmine, so finding our perfect match wouldn’t be a challenge at all. However, with the world being so fast paced and everyone searching for the next best thing, finding the one is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

We were blind to the fact that we would go on several pointless dates to be left ghosted. We didn’t know that we would go through heartbreaks and disappointments and have our guards as high as they are. We didn’t think that insecurities would get in the way of building genuine connections. We didn’t imagine that we would pour our hearts out to someone and be faced with unrequited love. All we saw was being with the perfect person for eternity.

And must I dare mention, BILLS, BILLS, BILLS! I mean as a child, we had some idea that we would have bills, but we didn’t think that they would amount to what they currently are. We didn’t realize that we would spend more money on bills than our own self care. We didn’t know that we would possibly have to cancel plans based on what’s left over after we pay bills. We didn’t think that paying credit card bills is like filling a bucket with water to later find out that there’s a hole in the bucket. Interest rates, state taxes, local taxes, service fees, and all other fees were never a thought in our minds as children when it came to paying bills. We just knew we would have bills.

There are more responsibilities that we face when it comes to being grown. But, if I’d known these things as a child, I’d probably think twice before saying, “I can’t wait until I’m grown”. Because in hindsight, I would actually wait until Im grown.

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