Connection in a Disconnected World

“Searching for a connection in a world that’s so disconnected.” This is what is written in my bio on my dating profile.

As of late, I find myself seeking a feeling that I have never felt before. Something that’s so deep that it can be felt whenever we are miles away. As simple as it is to describe exactly what I’m looking for, it’s even harder to come across it. 

You see, we live in a world that is so disconnected. And sadly, it’s hard to face that reality because social media gives us a false perception of connectedness.

With social media, it’s easy to post a picture on instagram and get hundreds of likes. It’s even easier to read someone’s status on Facebook and click the love button and then comment on it. We even follow someone and go through their pages and feel like we know them based on their posts. And now with the whole, “sliding in DM’s” trend, it’s so simple to send messages to others without verbally speaking. But does that actually connect you? To me it just disconnects us even more. 

I’m a firm believer of the fact that a real genuine connection cannot be built through social media and/or text messages. Don’t get me wrong, a connection can be initiated through both social media and text messages, but it definitely can’t be built or sustained through the two.

When something is in the process of being built it requires many different components. Once those components are gathered, it is put together piece by piece. The same goes for a genuine connection. There are many components that are necessary when building a connection with someone, and social media can be one of those components, but not all the pieces needed to build that connection. 

Connections are built on spending time getting to know a person. Engaging in each other’s hobbies. Having deep and meaningful conversations. Being expressive with one another. Building an understanding of each other. Being vulnerable, transparent, and open with one another. The list goes on & on, but one thing all of those components have in common is they help build and sustain genuine connections.

Genuine connections don’t happen overnight, and sometimes it can take years before it actually develop. Eventually, I’ll find the exact connection that I am seeking, but until then I’m still, “Searching for a connection in a world that’s so disconnected.”

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