If Not Today, Then When?

Everyday that you wake up is a blessing. A new day serves as an opportunity to accomplish whatever it is that your heart desire. It is a brand new day to take risks that you’ve hesitated to take in the past. It is the perfect time to begin reinventing yourself to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. If this is all true, then why don’t we take advantage of every new day as they come?

It seems as if we become complacent in life by procrastinating on our dreams, goals, and desires. We feel that by putting things off we will eventually get back to them. We make plans after plans and never put forth the effort needed to fully accomplish them. We even tell ourselves that “one day” we will finally take a step forward in working towards our goal. But, when is “one day”? When will that day come? If one day isn’t today, then when will it be? 

If it’s not today, then when will you let go of whatever it is that is holding you back from your dreams? When will you take a leap of faith and trust your own intuition? When will you really live up to your true potential? When will you block out the voices of others and focus on your own inner voice. When will you realize how powerful you are as an individual? When will you live soulfully? 

If it’s not in this moment, then when will you leave that job that’s been draining you? When will you start that business that you’ve been procrastinating on? When will you invest in yourself? When will you use your creative powers to your full advantage? When will you learn new skills to help improve yourself? When will you start that YouTube channel? When will you start that podcast? 

If it’s not tomorrow, then when will you walk away from that failing relationship? When will you put the love and energy back into yourself? When will you realize your self-worth? When will you learn how to love yourself more? When will you stop settling and selling yourself short of what you deserve? When will you learn how to enjoy your own company? 

It’s not easy to just get up and do everything to perfection. But, you have to take one step towards it to begin the process. Stop procrastinating and telling yourself that one day you will eventually do it. Instead, make that one day TODAY. Because if it’s not today, then when will you actually do it?

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  1. Food for thought. Amazing piece.
    If not today then when? Often times we procrastinate not because we don’t have the necessary resources available but sometimes fear won’t let us take the leap…& like I always say: do it afraid! It’s the only way.
    Great reminder…to start today, not tomorrow.

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