Unguard Your Heart

Like many others, there was probably a time when you went through a challenging situation in life. This could be a heartbreak or the loss of someone close to you.

A situation like this could have been so detrimental that it may have put you in a mental space in which you feel like you have to guard yourself by all means necessary. And subsequently, you unknowingly build walls on top of walls around your heart to protect you from experiencing any future emotional pain. 

As time go on and you eventually begin dating again, the emotional baggage somehow show up in your new situation. It’s like you become scared to open up and trust the actions of this new person. You question every single detail of your new situation. You find yourself not living  in the moment because you’re attempting to protect yourself from reliving the past, while being anxious about the future. And as a result, you unintentionally push your new mate further and further away with all of your built up fears. Is this really how you want to live your life? 

At the end of the day, all human beings want to be loved, understood, and supported. We may hate to admit it, but no one truly wants to be alone. We all want that special person to call our own. We all want someone who genuinely care for us. And to top it off, we all want to that special someone who we can really spend the rest of our life with. But how can this possibly happen if you are so cautious and guarded with yourself? 

As scary as love can be, you have to take a risk. You have to risk taking a possible loss. You have to risk facing a possible heartbreak. You have to risk being disappointed, hurt, or rejected. And most of all, you have to risk putting your all into something even if it means that it could possibly fail. 

You can’t go your whole life guarded. You’re only cutting yourself short of the great things that the universe have in store for you. The greatest gift in life is love and there’s absolutely no way possible for you to give and receive that gift by being so guarded all the time. You have to somehow find a way to let your walls down and let someone in. 

It’s definitely not an easy process. It can take months, perhaps years. But, you have to learn to live in the moment and open your heart to innumerable possibilities. Trust and believe that the best is yet to come. 

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