The Foreign Feeling

I’ve been feeling some kind of way lately.
It was hard for me to initially recognize the feeling, since it seemed foreign to me.
I found myself trying to escape it.
I began questioning the feeling because I didn’t think it could exist.
And not to my surprise, I began overthinking and writing down all the thoughts that accompanied it.

I can’t pinpoint exactly where the feeling came from.
It’s like the feeling somehow snuck up on me and caught me off guard.
It somehow made its presence known within me.
I couldn’t fathom the feeling because It’s been a while since I’ve last felt this feeling.  

Instead of running away from the feeling, I decided to confront it.
It then revealed itself to me.
It looked me into my eyes and told me its name.
Its name was optimism. 

Optimism of fulfillment .
Optimism of new beginnings.
Optimism of leveling up.
Optimism of true happiness. 

I didn’t see this coming at all.
It caught me by surprise.
I didn’t know that this could even happen,
but it happened.

And now here I am
thinking about this feeling,
while anticipating the outcome
of what this optimism could truly mean for me.

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