Breaking Free From Comfortability

Sometimes I feel as if I am trapped in my comfort zone. I envision it as if I am living in a bubble wondering what’s on the outside. I’ve been trying to break free from this comfort zone for a while, but somehow I end up getting more and more comfortable than I was before.

Things are just so familiar here in this comfort zone of mine. It’s what I’ve been used to for the past few years. It’s where I find a sense of comfortability and safety. I know that while in my comfort zone, I’m able to shield myself from outside disappointments. I feel protected in my comfort zone. It allows me to stay guarded by all means necessary. My comfort zone is like my defense mechanism to when I don’t want to be vulnerable to my surroundings.

Even though I feel safe and secure in my comfort zone, my soul wants growth. It yearns for more than what I’ve been feeding it. My soul sees way beyond the bubble of my comfort zone. It knows that there is a much better life out there for me. Familiarity is definitely the opposite of what my soul needs at this point in my life. My soul needs to expand and connect with new people, places, and experiences. 

Everyday I am learning and accepting the fact that it is nearly impossible to grow if I remain in my comfort zone. Stagnancy will only keep me in the same place that I’ve been in for months, perhaps years ago. I constantly remind myself that life is full of many possibilities and opportunities that I would never experience if I remain in my comfort zone. In order to grow, I must expand. 

I have to expand my mind by getting rid of the same thoughts that have been holding me back. I have to get rid of the negative voice that is in my head. I have to eliminate fear by all means necessary. I have to learn to think that the impossible is possible.

I have to expand my surroundings. I have to venture out and explore the world around me. I have to travel to unfamiliar and unknown areas. I have to embark on new adventures. 

I have to expand my relationships. I have to meet new people. I have to build more meaningful and soulful connections. I have to engage in deep and mindful conversations. I have to be an active listener.  I have to show more gratitude and appreciation for the people around me.

In other words, I have to make many changes. Changes that will slowly but surely bring about the results that I hope to one day accomplish. Only then will I be able to soar and fly as I break free from this comfort zone.

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