The Lying Game

There is a popular saying that says, “the truth shall set you free.” But what exactly does the term “truth” mean? According to, the term truth means “conformity with fact or reality”. If this is the case, why is it that we don’t want to conform with our own reality?

To be straightforward with you, lying is something that has pretty much become normal in our society. It is a form of deceit that people use to get what they want or to appease others. Everyone who breathes have told a lie in some way, shape, or form. Whether it was a small lie or a big lie, we’ve all had a moment or many moments of being untruthful.

Although lying can be morally wrong, some may find it to be beneficial. People may lie to get out of trouble with another person. On the other hand, people may lie to be accepted by others. Some people even lie on their resumes to help them land their dream jobs. Furthermore, there are many people who “lie” their way through life and find nothing wrong with it.

But, what happens when you are lying to the person in the mirror? What happens when you can’t be honest with yourself day in and day out? This is where we diminish our growth and our value.

It is never okay to lie to yourself. It only adds confusion and turmoil into your life. It is important to be true to yourself by all means necessary. When you are true to yourself, you are aware of your thoughts and feelings. You are practicing self-love and acceptance. You become okay with the person that you are inside.

There should be no reason to lie about your past traumas. There should be no reason to hide your failures. You should always be willing to walk in and accept your truth for what it is. No one is perfect. We all have our flaws and our not so good moments.

Accept your truth for what it is and be honest with yourself. This will help you blossom everyday of your life. Stay true and be you.

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