Beginning of A New Phase

As I enter this new phase in my life, I’m praying that fear doesn’t intervene and get me off track. I’m praying that I am being fully guided by my faith and intuition. I’m praying that I’m getting closer and closer to fulfilling my hopes and dreams. 

It definitely wasn’t easy for me to get here. Time and time I would try, but I’d somehow end up in the same spot that I started in. There were times that I’d question my faith and sometimes became doubtful. I even tried convincing myself that maybe this is how things are supposed to be, knowing that the circumstances weren’t exactly where my heart was. 

There were many sacrifices that had to be made. I had to protect my energy from those who drained it. I had to learn how to put myself first regardless of how it made others feel. I had to really become one with myself and figure out exactly what I wanted out of life. I even had to make some of the toughest decisions by surrendering things that I felt I needed to be happy. 

In all honesty, now that it is all set and done, my vision has become clearer. My purpose has finally been revealed to me. I have a better understanding of self. I have a better outlook on life. I now have something to fully work towards. There’s no longer a sense of confusion on my end. I’m ready to go after everything that I am destined for.

Sometimes in order to see what God and the universe have in store for you, you must clear the path. You have to sacrifice some of the things that you know aren’t good for you, even when it feels like it is. You have to be bold enough and surrender. 

There’s absolutely no way for you to manifest your dreams and desires if there are distractions and fear constantly getting in the way of your destiny. 

Fear will sometimes have you trapped. Trapped thinking that this is what life currently is and it can’t get any better. Trapped thinking that it’s okay to live a mediocre life. Trapped thinking that it’s no point to take risks because all it’ll lead to is disappointments. And sadly, trapped staying in your comfort zone and not fully blossoming into who you’re meant to be. 

The best thing you can do is to set yourself free from theses limited beliefs and soar through life. Once you do so, everything will all begin to make sense and you will then be on the road to full alignment.

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