Coincidence Or Significance?

Every where I look I see repeating numbers. I’m wondering if there’s really a significance to this. What could it possibly signify? Is it a clear path ahead of me? Could it be a sign of manifestation?

When I look at the clock I see 1:11 or 11:11. When I’m listening to music and I pause it, it stops at 1:11. When I’m looking at the scoreboard of games I play with my students, there it is again 111. I really don’t know if this is coincidental. However, I do believe that this is exactly what I’ve been needing to see. 

Based on my research, the repeating numbers 111 have many spiritual meanings. These numbers represent new beginnings and true manifestation of thoughts. They also symbolize enlightenment and a deep spiritual awakening within an individual.

Although my research tells me one thing, there’s still some slight doubts that comes to my mind. Doubts that maybe this is all just a coincidence. Maybe I’m subconsciously searching for these repeating numbers so it seems as if it appears out of the blue. Or maybe I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time to see these numbers. 

Whatever the case may be, this is my reality: I can either look at these numbers coincidently, or I can use these numbers faithfully as a guide. Knowing myself, I think I’ll choose the latter.

I will use these numbers as my spiritual guide. I will let them reassure me that I’m becoming one with myself and the path that I’m on. 111 will remind me to keep persevering when times get tough. And most importantly, they will open me up in trusting the journey that I’m on. 

I’ve said it in my last few posts, new beginnings are definitely brewing and I’m ready to receive all that is destined for me. The path is clear and I’m ready to continue moving forward. All that’s meant for me is within reach. The sky is definitely the limit and that’s exactly what I’m aiming for. The best is yet to come. 

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