You Can’t Fear What You Don’t Know

Why is it that we fear the unknown future? Let me ask an even better question, how can we fear the unknown future if it’s something that is “not known”. 

When something is unknown, nothing about it is evident. It’s unfamiliar. It’s nameless. It’s unidentified. It’s undiscovered. It’s undetermined. It’s unspecified. The list goes on! If all of this is true about the future, wouldn’t it be quite eerie to be afraid of something that has no form of identity or evidence to it?

With me being the over thinker that I am, I’ve tried numerous ways to control my fear of the unknown future. I’ve isolated myself from others when I thought that they wouldn’t understand me. I’ve turned down invites when I thought the vibe would be off. These are just a few of the rash decisions I made with no apparent evidence of anything. In other words, these were decisions made based on the fear of the unknown future. 

As a result of these decisions, I subconsciously sabotaged the present moment. I missed out on possibly making deep connections with new individuals. I made myself feel as if I’m alone, when in reality I really didn’t have to be. My mind was so wrapped around the fear of the unknown future, that it robbed me from living in the present and going with the flow. My focus was stuck on these fears that it made me forget how valuable the present moment is. I had to remind myself constantly that the future is something that no matter how much I focus on it or try to control it, it’s still unknown and will always be unknown. Therefore, it’s pointless to put so much thought into it.

I’m thankful to have gained some control over my thought process and focus more on the present versus the future. It’s not always easy to do so, but once you begin training your thoughts to adjust to this new way of thinking, it becomes easier day by day. As a result, you will then be able to really appreciate the present moment.

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