There’s No Guarantees

While sitting at a stoplight this morning, I happened to look up at the sky and was amazed at what I saw. I witnessed the golden sun peeking through the clouds, shining so beautifully as if it was the first time that I’ve seen something like this. I guess the difference between then and now is that this experience made me realize the preciousness of life. It brought about a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. It reminded me that there’s so much value in life in that we don’t give credit for, and that one day I won’t be here to experience another moment like this.

Life is never guaranteed to any of us. Almost every day when I log into one of my social media accounts, I see at least one post with either an RIP tribute or a post about someone fighting for their life. I often believe that we sometimes forget the fact that we all have an end date or as I like to call it, an expiration date. It’s like we go through life so cautiously, as if we have forever to fulfill our dreams and our destiny.

We remain in dead end jobs knowing that it is draining us. We stay in unfulfilling relationship and situations that robs us of our self-worth and happiness. We complain about some of the smallest things in life as if we aren’t powerful enough to make whatever change we want. There’s so much more that I can add to this list, but the point I’m trying to make is that life is temporary, and anything that is temporary should encourage you to make the best of it.

So, why are you holding back? Appreciate your life for what it is. Live it the best way you know how. If there’s a change you desperately want to make, go after it with all that is in you. Start that business. End that relationship. Move to that new state/country. The sky is the limit for each and every one of us. However, we don’t have forever to take advantage of this. Stop holding back.

There’s so many things that I aspire to do within my lifetime. I have so many goals, ambitions, and dreams that I want to accomplish. There’s a legacy I want to leave behind for my future generations. I want to be able to say I lived my dreams and conquered everything that once got in my way. I’m determined that I will definitely get there, but I have to keep reminding myself that forever isn’t guaranteed. So the time to appreciate life and go after all of my aspirations is now.

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