Choose Happiness Above All

There’s really no legitimate reason that you aren’t fully happy with your life right now. And to be quite frank, whatever reason you may have for being unhappy with life is just an excuse. Happiness is a choice that you make every single day. There is nothing or no one that can make this choice for you. You hold the keys to your own happiness.  

No one said it would be easy to attain. There’s a lot that must be done to reach this fulfillment called happiness. You may have to do some self-inventory and eliminate habits and people from your life that aren’t conducive to your growth. You may have to rearrange your priorities and cut back on the things that you once thought brought you happiness. You may even have to rebuild your whole life from ground zero to have a more profound understanding of self. None of these things are easy, but nothing built beautifully was put together overnight. 

Be grateful and appreciate where you are today. You are one step farther than you were yesterday. This is the closest that you’ve ever been to genuine happiness and fulfillment. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge even the smallest accomplishments along the way. Fall in love with the progress that you’ve made. Stop obsessing over the outcomes and worrying about what it will look like. The work that you are putting in today is all that matters. 

Don’t ever lose faith in the vision that you have for yourself. Trust that it will one day manifest and become a reality. Even if no one else believes in you, be courageous enough to believe in yourself, and always remember that the keys to happiness are at the core of your whole existence. 

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