No Time For Regression

Just when I felt myself beginning to feel a sense of connectedness, I somehow allowed disconnection to get back in the way. I was so focused by taking all of the necessary steps forward, but sadly I took some steps backwards. 

As hard as I want to be on myself, I just can’t. I can’t condemn myself for falling short. Failures happen day in and day out. I can’t be upset with myself for not being strong enough to persevere when I knew it was the best option. Instead, I have to brush myself off and try again. There’s no way that I will continue to go backwards. This is the farthest I’ve come over the past few years. I will not succumb to fear. Not this time around. 

As I sat in solitude earlier today, I began writing down the words that I felt in my heart. These are the words that I will read daily to keep me tunneled vision:

“Be patient, a change is going to come. The sacrifices that you have made is clearing the way for better days. Don’t be dismayed. You’ve come so far. I am proud of you and I always will be. 

Keep striving to become the best that you can be. It doesn’t go unnoticed. If no one else acknowledges your accomplishments, just know that I will. I’m your number one fan. I’m the one that will always be in your corner. I will never forsake you or leave your side. Every step you take, I’m taking them with you. 

Remember that nothing worth having comes easy. Keep the faith and we’ll get there together. Trust and believe in yourself. Don’t let anything or anyone dim the fire that is within you. You are mighty. You are strong. And best believe, you are powerful. Don’t ever forget that.”

To anyone that is trying to make a drastic change in life, don’t give up. Changes don’t happen overnight. There may be days that you fall short, but never give up. Keep pushing forward and remember that success is within reach.

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