The Fire That Burns Within

I’ve been educating myself about the power that’s within me. I’m learning how to use my soul effectively as I journey through life. I’ve been teaching myself how to channel it whenever I feel like I am lost or confused. I’ve gotten rid of some of my fear based thoughts and began allowing my soul to guide me. I’ve found ways to devote time to silencing the world around me and tuning into what my soul is telling me. 

If you ask me, this is probably one of the most challenging things in my life. I’m not used to trusting what I feel. I’ve always been the person that worked on logic. I always did what I deemed to be “correct” or the “right” thing to do. I believed that this was the true way to live and that it would bring me a feeling of happiness and success. But now that I’m older, I realize that using logic over soul is sometimes not the best way to go, because at the end of the day, something will still feel like it’s missing. 

There’s a fire that is sparking deep within me. A fire that’s slowly burning and yearning for so much more than what I’ve been fueling it with. This fire doesn’t want to be associated with mediocrity any longer. It doesn’t want to live traditionally or a life full of normality. It want what’s extraordinary. It wants to live a life beyond what is seen with the keen eye. It knows that the sky is the limit and the flames want to burn towards the sky.

The time is now for me to reach my peak. There’s so much power within me that I can’t let go to waste. I’m beyond ready for a life full of extraordinaries. But I know that in order to get there, I have to continue to use my soul. Although it’s a challenge, I know deep down that it is the best thing for me to do. 


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