Found Purpose

I have officially found my purpose in life. I’ve been lost countless of times in who I thought I was. It took days and nights of questioning God, for years on top of years. It has finally been revealed to me. 

Now, I can let go and live freely in my purpose. I no longer have to try and control every situation. I can now sit back and watch everything unfold just the way it’s supposed to. I can laugh at people as they place their perceptions on me, because now I know the truth. 

From this day forward, I will walk with purpose. I will hold my head high as journey through life. I will smile from ear to ear. I will lead with love. I will live each day with gratitude. I will make self-love a priority, because love is purpose and purpose is love.

I hope that one day you find your purpose. You can’t find it outside of yourself. You have to dig deep and connect with your inner being. You have to be honest and strong. You have to know when it’s time to let go. You have to trust in something greater than yourself. 

Don’t lose hope. Your time will come, but until then….live purposeful. 

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