Distractions Aren’t Destructions

After finding my purpose, I became distracted once again. Sad right? This has been an ongoing battle for me. I struggle with this day in and day out. It’s like one day I’m so focused and fixated on my goals, then the next day I veer off-road and feed into my distractions. 

Luckily, I no longer beat myself up about it. After each failed attempt at staying focused, I get back up and continue to push forward. As bad as I want to be disappointed in myself, there’s really no reason to. Nothing worth having comes easy. My ultimate goal in life is to be genuinely happy. This is something that is definitely worth having, so why would it come easy? If that was the case every human being would be walking around happy as ever, and unbothered by anything that tries to compromise their happiness. 

I’ve given up on many things in the past that I really wanted. I never was the type to face challenges head on. I would rather be defeated than to take on a challenge. However, that is no longer an acceptable way for me to live. I am too strong and too capable to be defeated by anything. I know the power that is within me and I will strive daily to unleash this power until I reach that ultimate goal of genuine happiness.

It’s time for me to refocus and get back on the road to my destiny. It’s time for me to stick to my purpose and live it to the best of my ability. This is a part of who I am. There’s no ignoring it or substituting it for anything else. I have to keep a tunneled vision and be in tune with who I am meant to be. I can’t be afraid of disappointing others and sacrificing my own feelings to protect theirs. This is a commitment I must make to myself.

To my readers, I want to encourage you to continue persevering when things get tough. Nothing can defeat you unless you allow it to. Whatever struggles you may be going through will not last forever. You can get through anything you put your mind to. Stay strong and keep going. We are in this together.

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