Class In Session W/ L.K. Hodge: Episode 1

I stepped out on faith when I started Mental Stimulation back in 2017. That’s when I decided to open myself back up to the world after I felt broken and lost. Fast forward to 2021, I am healed and ready to share my journey with you all.

Approaching this day was like a rollercoaster, some days I’d be excited for this day and other days I’d be anxious. But, I know that there is no fear when it comes to faith, and that’s what I plan to walk by everyday of my life. With that being said here is the first episode of “Class In Session W/ L.K. Hodge” 

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Welcome to my classroom! Many people know me as Mr. Hodge, which is the name I go by in my traditional classroom. Not many are familiar with L.K. Hodge, but this podcast is going to change that. In this episode, you will get to know a bit about the journey that have led to where I am today. You will learn some of the tools I used at the start of my spiritual journey to help me find pieces of myself that I felt I lost. Be prepared to be inspired. 

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