Let’s Toast To New Beginnings

While change is inevitable, it’s also easier said than done. Naturally, we experience innumerable changes as we venture through life. Many of them are out of our control. No matter what we do, we can’t stop it, so instead we find ways to embrace it and make it our new norm. However, we do hold power to make certain changes in our lives.

Life puts us in many different circumstances that we may not fully understand. One day we may feel elevated while experiencing a high vibrational frequency, and the next we may be down and out feeling as if we hit rock bottom. We become lost and confused, not knowing what caused this change. And then we are left with the decision on whether we embrace this change and remain rock bottom, or should we climb out of this rut and experience life for what it’s meant to be? 

This is the type of change that is within our control. Although we went from being elevated to rock bottom, we still hold the power to become elevated again. Every decision that we make from here on out can get us closer and closer to experiencing that feeling of elevation. While rebuilding and starting from ground zero isn’t easy, it’s very necessary. 

Let’s start making small changes today to rebuild our lives. Let’s think of who we want to become and write it down. Let’s create a vision of how we want our life to look. Let’s get rid of the things in our life that are serving as distractions from our purpose. Let’s free ourselves of the people and situations that are draining our soul. Let’s create new and healthy habits that can contribute to our happiness. And lastly, let’s stay committed to making these changes. 

As we all know, change definitely doesn’t come easy. Many times we may take a few steps forward, while taking the same amount backwards. Don’t let that stop you. Keep going. Keep progressing. Your future self will be proud of you. 

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